Our Story

We met vol­un­teer­ing on a kib­butz in Israel in 2011. Since then we’ve fol­lowed our pas­sion to serve some of the world’s deep­est needs.

We started a grass­roots re­cy­cling ini­tia­tive in Egypt and helped de­sign and build class­rooms for chil­dren with spe­cial needs in India. It was there in India where Sophie caught Tyhoid. It be­gan our three-year-long jour­ney of chronic ill­ness. After see­ing dozens of tra­di­tional doc­tors, be­ing pre­scribed sev­eral courses of an­tibi­otics—her health just kept get­ting worse. Having seen my mother strug­gle with MS my en­tire life, we wanted to do any­thing we could to re­verse Sophie’s de­cline in health…

Discovering Functional Medicine

A friend of ours from church heard about Sophie’s symp­toms and told us about Functional Medicine—an ev­i­dence-based ap­proach to deal­ing with chronic dis­ease, say­ing:

Functional Medicine Meets MS

Within three weeks of her first ap­point­ment, Sophie be­gan to show sig­nif­i­cant signs of re­cov­ery for the first time since her ill­ness. Soon there­after an­other friend ap­proached us about a woman named Dr. Terry Wahls who had re­versed the ef­fects of her own MS through func­tional med­i­cine.

My mother has suf­fered from MS for al­most thirty years, and so while ini­tially very skep­ti­cal, we were en­cour­aged by the re­sults Sophie was ex­pe­ri­enc­ing and de­cided to watch Dr. Wahl tell her story. What she claimed was re­mark­able. Even more so, it made sense.

Traditional med­i­cine of­ten treats au­toim­mune con­di­tions by su­press­ing the im­mune sys­tem. They some­times ne­glect to con­sider what is caus­ing the im­mune sys­tem to at­tack it­self in the first place.

Functional Medicine ad­vo­cates for pa­tients to use em­pir­i­cal ev­i­dence to:

  • Discover what was trig­ger­ing the im­mune sys­tem to at­tack
  • Remove those trig­gers
  • Support the body’s cel­lu­lar func­tion through high-nu­tri­ent whole foods
  • Support the body’s nat­ural heal­ing through phys­i­cal ther­apy and re­ha­bil­i­ta­tion

Starting The Wahls Protocol

Sophie and I along with a hand­ful of fam­ily and friends de­cided to band to­gether to help my mom get started on what Dr. Wahls calls The Wahls Protocol. We cre­ated a meal plan and ro­tor, and set off to the gro­cery store to buy the in­gre­di­ents.

At first the re­sults were frus­trat­ing. Eating ac­cord­ing to a spe­cial pro­to­col tends to con­jure up lots of mixed emo­tions, and it was no dif­fer­ent for our fam­ily. My mom ex­pe­ri­enced a lot of detox symp­toms for the first few months, but to her credit she stuck to the diet with a pow­er­ful de­ter­mi­na­tion to get bet­ter.

Experiencing Results

Now al­most two years later, my mother has fi­nally be­gun to ex­pe­ri­ence small and tan­gi­ble re­cov­er­ies:

My fa­ther, who just like us was a bit skep­ti­cal at first, has come to fully em­brace the pro­to­col—or­ganic food and all. We haven’t ex­pe­ri­enced mirac­u­lous re­covies like Terry Wahls, but we’ve wit­ness in­cre­men­tal im­prove­ment and in the con­text of chronic pro­gres­sive dis­ease those are worth every­thing.

Dreaming of A Retreat Centre For MS

After mov­ing to the UK and tak­ing a step back from work­ing in dig­i­tal, we spent some time dream­ing about what would come next in re­gards to our vo­ca­tion. A few work­shops later, we seemed at a loss for a good fit that would take us for­ward.

But then one night in Scotland the idea came to us as we sat down for din­ner:

It was clear to both of us that this idea held a huge amount of grav­ity. It ful­filled our de­sire for a so­cial pur­pose and a spir­i­tual mis­sion. It could al­low us to live on the land and be stew­ards of it as well.

But nei­ther of us had ex­pe­ri­ence in the med­ical world nor in hos­pi­tal­ity. So it was a big leap for­ward to say the least. Day af­ter day the idea main­tained its promi­nence in our minds and we’ve both com­mit­ted to see­ing the re­treat cen­tre come to life. It’s just about find­ing a way to make it work.

This web­site is part of our process of try­ing to make this dream work. We wanted to cre­ate some­thing that would al­low us to share our vi­sion and en­gage with the peo­ple we hope to serve. We’ll be host­ing events to test out dif­fer­ent el­e­ments of the re­treat and hope­fully we’ll have a re­treat sched­uled be­fore long.

If what we’ve shared res­onates with you please feel free to con­tact us us­ing the in­for­ma­tion in the footer be­low.